Really miss that smile. Sighh. Everytime im alone, i will keep thinking about us. How could you do this to me? Its all unanswered. I wish we could be back together. I really hope so. Its not easy to forget about you.

Your name keeps going through my mind. Your face keeps popping out in my head. Everywhere i go i hope to see you somewhere. My motivation to carry on is no longer there.

They say theres alot of fishes in the sea. But i prefer this one kind. This one, called Nur Haseena Siraj.

I wish we could be together again. Amin.


Oh God. Why are u doing all these to me. Please let me be with her. Without her, im not at peace.

I miss you. I wish you knew how badly i need you now.

I have no idea what your up to. But im not gonna give up on you.

Sigh. I miss you so much.

Im here. I need you. I miss you. But why? Why are you doing this. I really don’t undeestand.

Issit that you don’t love me anymore? I can’t seem to focus knowing that you are not here with me. I need you Haseena. I really do. Im willing to change this time round just to have you again.

I still miss you. I still love you. Nur Haseena. Pls forgive me.

I miss you so much. I cant sleep properly every night. I keep waking up every hour thinking about you. Why are you doing this? Im in pain. Im lost.

I dont believe that you dont love me a single bit. I knw deep in ur heart you still love me, at least a bit.

But why go to such extent? I really cant do this without you. I need you with me.
I miss you. I love you. So much..


Why are you so mean and cruel to me?
Why do u have to block me at whatsapp? Why? U cant even answer my question.